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Poverty & Deprivation


All our reports are provided on a confidential basis to the client. Reports listed are reports that have been published or otherwise placed in the public domain by the respective client.

T 2014 Environment and Planning B

Longitudinal Study of Area-level Deprivation

Pratschke, J. and Haase, T. (2014)

The diffusion of deprivation indices and their application in a wide variety of contexts raises a number of conceptual and methodological issues, particularly in relation to the analysis of change over time. This study seeks to address these issues by developing an aggregate-level theoretical approach which can guide the construction of a statistical model for [...]

T 2013 Social Housing, Disadvantage and Neghbourhood Liveability

Social Housing, Disadvantage and Neighbourhood Liveability

Michelle Norris (ed.) (2013)

In a groundbreaking longitudinal study, researches studied seven similar social housing neighbourhoods in Ireland to determine what factors affected their liveability. In this collection of essays, the same researchers return to these neighbourhoods ten years later to see what’s changed. Are these neighbourhoods now more liveable or leaveable? Social Housing, Disadvantage and Neighbourhood Liveability examines the [...]

T 2012 Optimising the Methodology for CSO Household Surveys

Optimising the Sampling Methodology for CSO Household Surveys

Haase, T. and Pratschke, J. (2012)

This report assesses alternative sampling designs for CSO household surveys, such as the Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS), the annual Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) and Household Budget Survey (HBS), as well as considering the design of a potential future General Household Survey. The sampling designs currently used by the CSO were inspired [...]

T 2012 All-Island Deprivation Index - Borderlands

All-Island Deprivation Index: Towards the development of consistent deprivation measures for the island of Ireland

Haase, T., Pratschke, J. and Gleeson, J. (2012)

This article, published in BORDERLANDS – The Journal of Spatial Planning in Ireland No. 2 January 2012, summarises research undertaken by the authors to develop a prototype comparative cross‐border deprivation measure using census data available from the respective censuses of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This new All‐Island Deprivation Index, when fully tested, will allow policy [...]

Divided City

Divided City – The Changing Face of Dublin’s Inner City

Haase, Trutz (2009)

Study commissioned by the Dublin Inner City Partnership to help to provide an analysis of the available census data in order to establish the scale, concentration and persistence of acute poverty in the Dublin Inner City area, 36 pages.

T 2008 Index 2006 11

The New Measures of Deprivation in the Republic of Ireland

Haase, T. and Pratschke, J. (2008)

An Inter-temporal and Spatial Analysis of Data from the Census of Population, 1991, 1996, 2002 and 2006. This study updates the 2005 study of the Index of Relative Affluence and Deprivation, now spanning four successive census waves. Study commissioned by Pobal, Dublin, slides only.

T 2008 Local Poverty Index

Feasibility Study for a Local Poverty Index

Haase, T. and Foley, R. (2008)

This study presents the case for the development of a Local Poverty / Deprivation Index for Ireland and identifies how such an index might be constructed, including the data required in order to render such an index effective and relevant from a policy-making perspective. Study commissioned by the Combat Poverty Agency, Dublin, 48 pages.

Full report
T 2008 Transport Accessibility Index

Towards the Development of a Transport Accessibility Index

GAMMA and Haase, T. (2008)

An Analysis of geographical remoteness to support the Rural Transport Programme in the Republic of Ireland. Commissioned by Pobal, 14 pages.

Measuring Rural Deprivation

Haase, T. and Walsh, K. (2007)

Conceptual study on how the measurement of rural deprivation may be improved in the context of multi-dimensional deprivation indices. Commissioned by Pobal’s Rural Development Advisory Committee, 51 pages.

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