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Poverty & Deprivation

T 2005 Deprivation and its Spatial Articulation

Deprivation and its Spatial Articulation in the Republic of Ireland

Haase, T. and Pratschke, J. (2005)

Study which outlines a new approach to the construction of multi-dimensional deprivation measures based on the Census of Population, 1991, 1996 and 2002. This report remains the essential reading to understand the conceptual thinking behind the Irish deprivation measures. Study commissioned by Pobal, 60 pages. Trutz Haase and Jonathan Pratschke were the first authors to [...]

T 1996 Poverty in Rural Ireland

Poverty in Rural Ireland – A Political Economy Perspective

Curtin, C., Haase, T. and Tovey, H. eds. (1996)

This book has become an essential reading for everyone who studies Ireland’s rural economy. Though long out of print, this book is now fully accessible through Google books. Dublin: Combat Poverty Agency & Oak Tree Press.

T 1996 Local Development Strategies

Local Development Strategies for Disadvantaged Areas

Haase, T., McKeown, K. and Rourke, S. (1996)

Report on the evaluation of the Global Grant, 1992-1995, the funding mechanism under which the area-based pilot initiatives to combat long-term unemployment established under PESP matured into a national local development programme. Study commissioned by Area Development Management Ltd., 106 pages.

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