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Health Research & Analysis

Based on their extensive knowledge in predictive modelling, the application of structural equation modelling (SEM) and multilevel modelling (MLM), Trutz Haase, in co-operation with Jonathan Pratschke and Kieran McKeown, have undertaken a number of studies which pioneer the application of more advanced conceptual and statistical models in analysing Irish health and social data. The following studies provide some examples.

Health Intelligence

The consultants have now completed two projects under a Framework Agreement with the HSE / Health Intelligence Unit.

Lot 1 comprises the methodological considerations in developing trend and time series analysis as part of the Healthy Ireland Framework.

Lot 2 comprises the development of deprivation and health impact weighting to support the HSE Resource Analyser, a tool jointly developed by the HSE/HIU and Trutz Haase to implement evidence-based resource allocations throughout the HSE.

National Drugs Strategy 2017 – A Performance Measurement Framework for DATFs

As part of the preparatory work for the new National Drugs Strategy, the consultants had been appointed in 2016 by the Department of Health to develop a Performance Measurement Framework for the Drug and Alcohol Task Forces. The report is now feeding into to formulation of the new National Drugs Strategy. For a copy of the report see here.

Knowledge4Health Conference -  25th May 2016, Kilmainham

‘Innovation’ is the cross-cutting theme of this Conference which includes a broad range of speakers and ends with a key note speaker and an expert panel discussion answering questions from the audience. The Conference includes two plenary and four parallel sessions focusing on the following themes:

  1. Monitoring Health and Wellbeing Across the Population
  2. Crossing Boundaries for Better Knowledge
  3. Knowledge Exchange: Formulating Policy and Practice
  4. Information Systems for Health and Wellbeing

To download the presentation by Haase and Pratschke “Innovative analytical techniques in health research: a showcase of Structural Equation Models” click here.

Healthy Ireland – Advanced Analysis of Healthy Ireland Survey Data

Drawing on their experience in structural equation modelling and composite index construction, the consultants made a presentation to the Department of Health in February 2014 as to how a Research and Data Plan for the monitoring and evaluation of the goals stated in Healthy Ireland may best be approached. For a PowerPoint presention outlining the approach click here.

In December 2015, the consultant were appointed in association with CSTAR/UCD as one of three consultancy teams to assist the Department of Health in the advanced data analysis of Healthy Ireland Survey data.

A New National Oral Health Policy

The Department of Health has begun a three year project to develop a new national oral health policy. Trutz Haase has been appointed to the Oral Health Policy Independent Panel (OHPIP), which has been tasked to support the Oral Health Policy Group and ensure it is informed by evidence. The main function of the group is to ascertain what information is available regarding the oral health needs of the Irish population and to determine the quality and relevance of existing data and requirement for further work. For further details click here.

TILDA – The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing

The consultants have recently undertaken a study on Designing Services for Older People in Alignment with Determinants of Well-Being. The study builds on a complex analysis of  the first wave of data from TILDA and uses complex structural equation models to determine the interaction between Health, Well-being and their key determinants. The study has been submitted for publication.

Growing Up in Ireland: Well-being and the Family System

Building on their extensive research on the determinants of family well-being, the authors have applied their unique approach to the 9-year old cohort of the Growing Up in Ireland Study. Based on an elaborate structural equation model, Well-being and the Family System offers a unique insight into the individual, relational and contextual influences on the well-being of children.

The Well-being of Adults, Children and Neighbourhoods

Building on their earlier study Family Well-being – What makes a Difference? (Ceifin Centre and Department of Social & Family Affairs), the authors have recently completed a series of six studies on the Well-being of Children, Families and Neighbourhoods, and are currently involved in the meta analysis of these studies. The resulting analysis will be posted here shortly.

Risk and Protection Factors for Substance Use Among Young People

This comparative study of early school leavers and school attending students differs from many other studies about substance use among young people in that it looks at the underlying risk and protective factors that influence young people’s decisions regarding substance use.

The National Audit of End-of-Life Care in Hospitals in Ireland, 2008-9 & 2011-12

The audit system of the Hospice friendly Hospitals Programme (HfF) is the first major initiative in an EU country to develop a comprehensive assessment of standards for end-of-life care in the hospital setting. The study involves the detailed capture of information on the end-of-life care experience over 1,000 patients in 43 participating acute and community hospitals throughout Ireland.

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