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T 2003 Family Well-being

Family Well-Being – What makes a Difference?

McKeown, K., Pratschke, J. and Haase, T. (2003)

Why are some families happier than others? Why do some parents and children have higher levels of well-being than others? These questions are of interest to everyone but are of particular interest to family researchers and to those concerned with family policy and services. Everyone knows that families are important but how exactly do they [...]

T 2003 Developing Disadvantaged Areas

Developing Disadvantaged Areas through Area-Based Initiatives

Haase, T. and McKeown, K. (2003)

Partnerships, Community Groups and Employment Pacts have made a significant contribution to promoting inclusion, equality and addressing poverty over the past decade. This study was commissioned by Area Development Management with the purpose of reflecting on the local development learning and experience in the context of the mid-term review of the National Development Plan and [...]

T 2003 Community Uptake Study SSPPR

SSPPR – Estimate of Community Uptake

Haase, T. and Pratschke, J. (2003)

Second Analysis of Community Uptake under the European Union Special Support Programme for Peace and Reconciliation. This report addresses, in particular, the issue of religious community uptake of available funding and the complex relationship between religious community background, deprivation, funding applications and approved funding. The paper examines the number of project applications made and approved [...]

T 2002 Unhappy Marriages

Unhappy Marriages: Does Counselling Help?

McKeown, K., Haase, T. and Pratschke, J. et al. (2002)

Based on the analysis of over 3,400 individuals that participated in marriage counselling, this study looks at the factors that contribute to unhappy marriages and addresses the question of how much marriage counselling assists in overcoming these. Study commissioned by ACCORD and the Department of Social & Family Affairs, 212 pages.

Full report
T 2001 Springboard

Springboard – Promoting Family Well-being through Family Support Services

McKeown, K., Haase, T. and Pratschke, J. (2001)

The Springboard initiative represents the first major family support initiative of its kind in Ireland. It was established in 1998 and an important part of the work during the pilot phase included the full evaluation of the services provided and the outcomes for families. This evaluation report fills a gap in Irish-based research on what [...]

T 1999 Community Uptake Study SSPPR

Analysis of Community Uptake

Haase, T. and Pratschke, J. (1999)

First Analysis of Community Uptake under the European Union Special Support Programme for Peace and Reconciliation. The report analysed the uptake of funds under the EU-SSPPR (Peace I) by the two major religious groups in Northern Ireland by providing a picture of the numbers of applications made and approved, and their value. This data was [...]

T 1996 Poverty in Rural Ireland

Poverty in Rural Ireland – A Political Economy Perspective

Curtin, C., Haase, T. and Tovey, H. eds. (1996)

This book has become an essential reading for everyone who studies Ireland’s rural economy. Though long out of print, this book is now fully accessible through Google books. Dublin: Combat Poverty Agency & Oak Tree Press.

T 1996 Local Development Strategies

Local Development Strategies for Disadvantaged Areas

Haase, T., McKeown, K. and Rourke, S. (1996)

Report on the evaluation of the Global Grant, 1992-1995, the funding mechanism under which the area-based pilot initiatives to combat long-term unemployment established under PESP matured into a national local development programme. Study commissioned by Area Development Management Ltd., 106 pages.

T 1995 Planning for Change

Planning for Change

Flanagan, N., Haase, T. and Walsh, J. (1995)

A Handbook on Strategic Planning for Local Development Partnerships, published by the Combat Poverty Agency.

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