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Health & Well-being

T 2013 Family Mediation in Ireland - FMS 2003 to 2010

Family Mediation in Ireland – FMS 2003 to 2010

Haase, T., Pratschke, J. and Engling, F. (2013)

Though completed almost four years ago, we are now making available this background paper which sets out the data requirements for future evaluations of the effectiveness of Family Mediation Services in Ireland. The paper had a substantial influence in shaping the data capture in both the Family Mediation Service and Legal Aid, since the FMS [...]

T 2011 Well-being and the Family System

Well-being and the Family System

Pratschke, J., Haase, T. and McKeown, K. (2011)

Presentation delivered at the Growing Up in Ireland Conference, Dublin, 1st December 2011 This study is based on a sophisticated statistical model of relationships within the “family system”. It shows that the most important influence on children’s well-being is whether their own mother enjoys a high level of well-being. For every unit increase in well-being [...]

Full report
R 2010 – Risk and Protection Factors for Substance Use

Risk and Protection Factors for Substance Use among Young People

Haase, T. and Pratschke, J. (2010)

A comparative study of early school-leavers and school-attending students with regard to the factors that affect their substance use behaviour. Study undertaken for the National Advisory Committee on Drugs (NACD), 140 pages.

T 2010 HfH Report 5

Dying in Hospital in Ireland: An Assessment of the Quality of Care in the Last Week of Life

McKeown, K., Haase, T., Pratschke, J., Twomey, S., and Engling, F. (2010)

Synthesis report (Report 5), which draws together the key findings from the first-ever National Audit of End-of-Life Care in Hospital in Ireland, 2008/9. Study commissioned by the Irish Hospice Foundation, 246 pages. Reports 1-4 provide thematic discussions on more detailed aspects of the National Audit and are available from the Irish Hospice Foundation. The audit [...]

T 2008 Bray Well-being Study

Children, Families & Neighbourhoods in the Bray Area

Haase, T., McKeown, K. and Pratschke, J., (2008)

A study on the needs and well-being of children, families and neighbourhoods in the Bray Area, commissioned by Bray Community Consortium, 54 pages.

Full report
T 2008 Respond Well-being Study

The Well-being of Parents, Children & Neighbourhoods

McKeown, K. and Haase, T., (2008)

A National study on the needs and well-being of parents, children and neighbourhoods in Respond! housing estates, commissioned by the Respond! Housing Association, 88 pages.

Full report
T 2007 Understanding the Needs of Children

Understanding the Needs of Children

McKeown, K. and Haase, T. (2007)

This study identifies the risk and protective factors that are present in the lives of children attending Barnardos services in Limerick and Thurles and compares these against a representative sample of children living in Limerick city. Study commissioned by Barnardos, 79 pages.

T 2006 Ballymun Well-being Study

The Mental Health of Children and the Factors which influence it

McKeown, K. and Haase, T. (2006)

Study commissioned by the Ballymun Development Group for Children and Young People to inform the development of a 10-year plan aimed at improving the quality of life for children and young people in Ballymun, 83 pages.

T 2005 Early Onset Dementia

Early Onset Dementia

Haase, T. (2005)

The Action Plan for Dementia (O’Shea and O’Reilly, 1999) provides a blueprint for the development of policies and services in the dementia field in Ireland. However, little is known about the specific issues confronting people with early-onset dementia and there are no special programmes for people in this category. This study, commissioned by The Alzheimer [...]

T 2005 Nowhere to go

Nowhere to Go

Haase, T. and Byrne, K. (2005)

In 2003 eight young people with a learning disability from the Bray area had nowhere to go when finishing their formal schooling. This study documents the continuing education needs of young people with intellectual disabilities in the Bray and Wicklow Area. Study commissioned by the Bray Partnership, 70 pages.

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